With the introduction of services on Sunday mornings, the production of pewsheets has been resumed...

The Parish Magazine Publication Committee have found ourselves in a difficult situation because while we don’t want to stop printing and producing the Magazine we really feel that it is not fair to expect people to take the risk of spreading or being vulnerable to infection.

We have decided that the best way of tackling this in the short term is to suspend deliveries and all subscriptions and provide the magazine for free, to be collected from Downes’s shop in Broseley. For those of you who subscribe to the magazine your subscription will be frozen and carried forward for the number of months we are unable to deliver

...and as a reminder that the Parish Magazine has a long history, we have an edition from January 1936. Thanks to Bob Evans, who emailed me from the USA to say:

"I have in my possession a well worn copy of the Broseley & Benthall Parish Magazine of January 1936. I received this from my father whose father Herbert Hector Evans was born in Broseley. My grandfather came to the U. S. as a boy of about 12 years of age. I suppose the Magazine was sent to him from family still in England."

and subsequently sent the magazine to me. The original will be held by the Broseley Local History Society, but a scanned in copy can be accessed here