Funeral Bier

St Giles’, Barrow historical find

This funeral bier was rescued from a fallen down shed at the bottom end of Barrow churchyard at the end of 2021, lightly restored, and is now on display in the porch of All Saints’ Church, Broseley, on loan from the parishioners of St Giles’ Church, Barrow.

On the end of the bier there is a silver plaque:

A bit of research in the Barrow Burial Registers revealed two entries as follows:

Nellie Garbett, of Willey Furnace, Died 19th April 1941 aged 63

Richard Thomas Garbett, of Willey Furnace, Died 18th March 1944 aged 55

Which suggests that, despite its Victorian appearance, the bier was made in 1944...unless anyone knows better?